Why Choose Express?

The Express Flat Rate Pricing Guide was created for Service Electrical Contractors by a Service Electrical Contractor.

In my quest to move from time and material pricing to Flat Rate I have purchased 2 systems, leased another and test drove a few more. While some were indeed good programs the problems I encountered were that they were either way too expensive for what they did, they cost too much for the small to mid size contractor,  they had way too many features that I would never use that would only confuse my technicians or… they had prices set in stone that I couldn’t change.   So… instead of waiting for someone to develop a flexible inexpensive yet professional looking price guide I decided to spend the time and money making my own.  I have made it simple enough to keep the cost down yet sophisticated enough where it takes very little skill to set up or modify.  I have also left it unprotected (I give you the password for protected fields) so you can change it to fit your needs. At a fraction of what other price guides cost I believe that the Flat Rate Express Electrical Pricing Guide is by far the best looking and easiest guide to use available today.

Bob Wagner


Some of the best reasons to purchase the Express Flat Rate electrical pricing guide are:

Created in an Excel spread sheet, it is easy to customize should you choose to make changes.

Fields and pages can be hidden from view for the technicians or from the customer.

You can send the entire file to a printer to be printed and bound or.. print them from your office and put the pages in a binder.

We give you the password for all locked fields so if you want to modify the book to suit your needs, you may do so.

You can set or adjust your own material prices without having to create new tasks.

You can increase or decrease the material mark up to match your overhead and desired profit.

You can install copies on laptops or tablets for technicians to use in the field (Must be able to use Excel)

There are NO user fee’s! Print as many books or install on as many computers or tablets as you want!

There are NO monthly fee’s!

You can add as many tasks as you wish to each category. Simply copy an existing page with the formula sections and change the item name, description and prices to match the new task.


You will be taken to the download link after payment!