Screen Shots

Labor Rates Section Simply add your hourly rate, overtime rate, trip charge and preferred customer discount percentage here and the calculations will be transferred to each task in the book.

Material Mark Up

Enter your desired markup on the materials for each category here and the rest is automatically calculated across each task.

Formulas Fields

This is where you can change the Material Cost based on your buying power and also adjust the pre-installed Labor Units should your technicians need more or less time to complete a task. All other fields are automatic.

Full Page View

This is how the setup pages look however, only the task pages will print when you are completed. Should your technicians use the workbook from a laptop or tablet you can “Hide” the Formula fields and set up pages so all they see are the Task Pages

These are the pricing fields that are automatically calculated for you. 

1st Task: This price includes marked up material, labor, AND the trip charge. You will only use the 1st task one time per job, all other tasks are priced from the 2nd task column.

2nd Task: This is the Marked up Material and labor without the trip charge added.

After Hours: Same as above except using your overtime rate.

Express Members: This is the same pricing less the percentage discount you give to preferred members.

Until Code: The Code such as “BR-CH101” can be used with an invoicing system so (after set up) bookkeepers or technicians only have to enter the code and the pricing and description will be automatically filled in. The optional Code and Description file can be purchased to upload into typical billing systems.

Cover Page

Personalize your cover page by adding your Companies Name and Contact information.

NOTE: If you plan on using a tablet in the field you must be able to view an excel Spreadsheet in order to view this program.

You will be taken to the download link after payment!