Electrical Flat Rate Pricing Doesn’t Have to be Complicated!

 Flat Rate Express is Easy to use, Easy to setup, Easy to print and Easy on your budget


 It is proven that with Electrical Flat Rate Billing you will earn more and reduce customer complaints at the same time. Your electricians will be able to easily price work or additional tasks on the spot without having to call the office, employing an estimator or guessing what a task will cost. With the Electrical Flat Rate Express Membership feature it is easy to increase the number of service contracts you sell when the customers see how much of a discount your Express Members receives! Just 1 service contract could over the cost of our program! The Flat Rate Express electrical pricing guide is the simplest and most cost-effective system to use on the market today and is ideal for the small to mid-sized electrical contractor. Print a book for every technician, office worker, estimator or.. load it on a laptop or tablet that has access to Microsoft Excel or convert it into a PDF file!


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  • Print as many Electrical Pricing Guides as your firm needs.
  • Print Pricing guides with the Wholesale Price and Markup fields hidden for electricians use and Customers viewing.
  • Change the Labor Rate for every item by only changing one Field
  • Increase the Material Markup for every item in a category by only changing one field
  • Change the material wholesale pricing for each task according to the prices YOU pay
  • Create your own Professional Cover
  • Add items without having to add formulas
  • Add up to 5 additional categories without having to add Formulas
  • Compatible with Excel and Microsoft 365
  • Over 280 of the most commonly used tasks are pre-installed
  • 23 of the industries most common categories are pre-installed
  • Current prices are pre-installed for most tasks (Check before use)
  • Unit Codes pre-installed for each task for use with other billing software

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